How to create a performance culture

Our top ten questions for managers to check that they are using the right techniques to build a performance culture:

1. In my leadership role what do I pay most attention to? How do I react when things go wrong? (It’s not what I say, it’s what I do / how I behave)

2. How do my people know which are the most valued behaviours at work?
After role modelling the next step is to be clear about the top three or five ways of working, therefore these ways need to be articulated and referred to. Never promote someone who does not have the behaviours you need for your work.

3. Am I recognising different motivations and strengths in my team and actively working to build on those?

4. Are team members outcome focused? Have we agreed outcomes? Are they clear?

5. Have I agreed the right mix of objectives with individuals? 
Objectives are there to focus effort in the short term so are they clear and agreed? Do they include development as well as task based objectives?

6. Do I delegate correctly and check on progress at the right intervals? 
Have I designed face to face check in points with individuals? Am I asking the right questions and, above all, am I listening to what they say?

7. Do I deal with underperformance fairly and swiftly? 
Leniency erodes culture.

8. Am I aware of my biases?
We all have them. Know them and take steps to counteract.

9. Do I schedule time for important work?
Or am I a blocker? Do I firefight? 

10. Have I got the right communication “scaffolding” for my team?
Do I use the right channels for the message and the audience? How do I ensure the messages have been received correctly? How do ensure I listen?