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Sharing knowledge, networking and... cake!

Cake & HR is a networking group with a unique recipe to deliver three aims.

Firstly, to provide a relaxed, welcoming, and open place for HR professionals working in our sector. If you work in an SME as part of a small HR function, it can be a lonely world. By joining our community, you become part of the biggest HR department in the country, with lots of friendly advice and experience on offer. Our member’s zone is a confidential forum for advice & ideas, if you want to hear of how somebody else might tackle an issue or an idea.

Secondly, we deliver online and in-person events on topical HR events. Some of our events will also have the most prominent HR guest speakers, the country has to offer.

Finally, for our in-person events, we aim to deliver the tastiest cakes we can source!

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Knowledge sharing

Each of us is unique with our own experiences, insight and working processes to share. Cake & HR is the perfect place for a meeting of minds.

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Our resources

We collate the insight of our members, our guest speakers and industry leaders, to provide you with the tools to grow your knowledge.

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A relaxing space

We have a rule that the hard sell just isn't allowed at Cake & HR. We're all about learning and providing a social space.


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