The benefits of coaching and mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring is a different approach to employee development that focuses on future possibilities, not past mistakes and encourages the employee to identify and solve problems and challenges. It is a very non-threatening and positive way to help staff take more responsibility for their own learning and continuous development.
Coaching can …..

  1. help employees to be more confident and willing to take more responsibility.
  2. give key staff the knowledge and transformational leadership skills to develop others in the business and improve overall performance.
  3. strengthen the business and reduce its vulnerability to future change.

A coaching culture can…….

  • increase commitment to training, learning and development.
  • improve the transfer of training into the workplace.
  • improve staff retention as individuals use more of their potential and feel that they are contributing to the business’ success.
  • create an environment where interpersonal skills are valued and developed.
  • improve workplace communication, creating a friendlier and more trusting environment.
  • encourage employees to become more self-directed, accountable and less dependent on others.

As a result, cooperation is increased with employees working together to achieve team objectives and company goals. Employee engagement is high with employees feeling motivated, enthusiastic and valued.

Who Says So?CIPD Training and Development Survey
Companies surveyed who had used a Coaching and Mentoring approach reported the following:

– 99% – said it delivered tangible benefits
– 96% – said it was effective in promoting learning
– 93% – said it enabled the transfer of learning to the workplace
– 92% – reported a positive impact on bottom line results.

Fortune 1000 companies study:

Companies involved in the study reported the following benefits as a result of using Coaching and Mentoring:
– an average of 53% increase in productivity
– 39% increase in effective customer service
– 32% increase in retention of key people
– 23% reduction in costs
– 22% increase in bottom line profitability

Xerox Corporation 
– 87% increase in effectiveness of formal training when followed up with coaching.

International Personal Management Assoc. 
– Training programmes supported by ongoing coaching improved workforce performance by 88%.

An International Coaching Federation survey of 4,000 companies found the benefits of coaching to be:

  • Improved individual performance
  • Improved client service
  • Development of people for the next level
  • Management/staff relationship improvement
  • Improved retention
  • Better communication

Let’s “follow the data” and get coaching embedded into our organisations! 

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