A reminder for HR to take action on EU national employees

HR: Are You Ready?
We were all reminded yesterday at our Cake and HR round table discussion with the CBI that any employees who are EU nationals should be aware that free movement will end by 31 December 2020, which means that if they wish to apply for settled status they should do so as quickly as possible. And not just employees but relatives and friends too.  

There is no fee and the app is available on any device now. 

Of course we cannot force anyone to apply but simply lay out the facts as we know them. Employers are not, and will not, be required to check that current employees have settled status but by the beginning of next year it is likely that we will have to check settled status for new employees. That means if an employee moves to a different employer the check will be made then.

A few of our members have talked about how they have given out as much information as possible to EU employees in order to demonstrate that we want them to stay and feel valued.

A few more tips came out in the discussion:

  1. Take care not to discriminate in hiring at this time by not appointing an EU national.
  2. There is an Employers Toolkit available from the Home Office.
  3. And finally ….carry out an audit NOW on all Right To Work Checks to make sure that everything is in order ready for the end of free movement.

Watch this space for announcements following the February Cabinet meeting and new salary thresholds expected for visa applications. 

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